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"It's life and life only" is a booklet containing pronouncements, one-liners, sayings, aphorisms, miscellaneous quotations and various comments. These were often intended to be humorous, and deal with things such as morality, education, linguistics, society etc.

Brief description

This collection of statements and other various thoughts explains a few things about me to those who want to know me. All this material really reflects my humour, my true opinions - for whatever they count - and my general attitudes towards life. It’s a work that I have written in a relatively short period of time, yet it is the result of long years of more or less painful and deep thinking on my part. The original idea was to offer an hour - or even less time for those who read fast - of quality and stimulating perusing experience on public transport, or something like that. The title (It's life and life only) alludes to the concluding line of a well-known song by Bob Dylan called “It’s Alright, Ma (I’m Only Bleeding)”. I am not yet so sure of what all this really means, but what I do know for sure is that it is not always so honourable to take ourselves too seriously. I hope that this, as well as being the first edition, will be the last too, because by the time I will have changed my mind on any of these topics – or improved it (the mind, that is) – I would probably need to write something altogether different, which is something I am not sure I am looking forward to. I have tried to be succinct, to the point, and humorous when and where I considered appropriate.

Pages: 61
Language: English
Printed product dimensions: 14.8 X 21 cm

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